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Meat Saw Bands and Parts

Meat saw bands in Cleveland, Ohio - quality meat band saws!

Meat saw replacement blades available to replace older, dull blades that have worn over use and time. We carry meat band saw blades in a variety of sizes, so you can find the correct replacement part for your existing machine. Restaurants, supermarkets and butchers need reliable blades and parts. Without these essential elements, your business stands to suffer.

By choosing premier quality meat saw bands in Cleveland, Ohio, you can keep your business running smooth.Our knowledgeable staff is equipped with all the resources to help you choose the best parts. With an extensive experience and an eye for detail, our team of skilled technicians at Service Wet Grinding is all geared up to fulfill your meat saw replacement needs.

Bone-in saw bands

There are two types of bone-in saw bands: 3 teeth per inch (3T) and 4 teeth per inch (4T). These will have a traditional “saw tooth” type edge designed to cut through bone as well as meat. Traditionally, the 4T is for pork and the 3T is for beef and most commonly used.

Lately that distinction has been subjective. The 3T will cut faster, the 4T a bit finer.

Boneless saw bands

As the name suggests, the boneless saw bands are not designed to cut through bone and may cause injury if an attempt is made to force them through bone or other hard substances such as frozen meat.

The teeth on a boneless saw band are scalloped to provide a smoother slicing cut rather than material removing saw cut of the bone-in type of saw.

Meat Saw Parts in Stock

The success of your business depends on how readily meat saw bands in Cleveland, Ohio are available. With the right replacement parts, you can not only salvage your investment, but also minimize the equipment downtime. But before you go for parts, you need to get familiar with the two categories of saw bands: bone-in and boneless.

There are many saw band lengths, therefore it is required to know either the length of the saw band in inches or the make & model of the saw. The serial number does not help here. Saw bands come in packs of four so you’d always have some available at hand..