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Meat Grinder Plate & Blades

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Meat grinders use a plate and a blade. The most common commercial sizes are #12, 22, 32 & 52. The sieve plate is a round disk with holes in it. The size of the holes determines how coarse or fine the meat grindings will be.

The blade is actually four blades in an X shape.You might have trouble finding the right meat grinder plates & blades in Cleveland Ohio and the Greater Northern Ohio Area.

But with Service Wet Grinding, you won’t have to go through the hassle anymore.

Professional Service

Service Wet Grinding can sharpen your tools with large tool and die machines specifically designed for grinder plates and blades in Cleveland. We also rent grinder tools for a regular sharpen service.

So whenever you experience meat grinder problems you’d know exactly who to call.

Preventive Maintenance

If you have multiple sets of grinding tools you should keep the plates and blades paired after sharpening so they wear together. They will stay sharper longer when kept as a paired set.

Don’t wait for signs of excessive wear before having your grinding tools sharpened. By taking appropriate preventive measures, you can ensure the longevity of meat grinder plates & blades.

Health & Safety Hazard

Grooves in the plate and blade edges worn flat is not saving money. The meat will be mushier and have a much shorter shelf life. Keep in mind the metal wearing off the plate and blade will be in the meat and it will taste bad.Instead of compromising on the quality of the food and safety of others have your grinding tools sharpened with the first sign of wear.

When you see the blade mare the plate with a disk pattern, you’d know it’s the right time to get the meat grinder plates & blades some expert help. You will save by preventing food waste and quality concerns, that’ll be less than the cost of sharpening the tools.

Seamless Support and Integration

It is important to have the plate and blade sharpened at the same time. The holes in the plate are the edges that the blade is cutting against; just like scissors.The plate and blade must meet together tightly. As the plate and blade are ground thinner, spacers must be used to maintain a tight fit.

The spacers look like washers and they fit on the back of the worm drive to take up the slack. If a thicker set of tools is then put on, the washers will need to come off so the hub that tightens the tools will have enough threads engaged to tighten without stripping. Meat grinding machines are designed to use these spacers to compensate for variance in the thickness of the grinding tools.

We sell the spacers at reasonable prices. Specifications allow for up to three spacers to assure a tight fit. With experts who have years of experience, you can be sure that your equipment is in good hands.

Service Wet Grinding for professional services of meat grinder plates & blades in Cleveland.