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Cooler Dehumidifier Filters Cleveland

Cooler dehumidifying filters can help your business well this summer. With temperatures soaring high, you’ll need to keep your fridges cool and the level of humidity even. But summers can disrupt this normal task and in the process, you have to face the hassle of spoiled food.

Balancing Humidity

Not anymore! Service Wet Grinding sells filter packs that help regulate the humidity in your cooler. The principle is similar to the drying silicon packets you find in produce to keep them dry.The material in these packs is more advanced; they absorb humidity when levels get too high and release moisture if the humidity is too low.

By maintaining an even humidity, the fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer. The filter packs are about a foot square and fit inside cages that mount to the ceiling of your frig. That’s it! No other maintenance is required. The filters are changed out about every three months.

Get Rid of Odors

With your fridge not working properly, the food is bound to get spoiled. Even if you manage to save the food, their odor would linger in the fridge for a while. This makes storing different foods together a hassle.

But with cooler dehumidifier filters in Cleveland, you can get rid of this problem. Odors will not transmit from one food to another so easily; your strawberries will not smell like garlic.

Preventive Maintenance

With summer heat blasting on full, the season is guaranteed to bring on some sticking situations. The humid weather and its consequences are bound to cause issues for your business if you don’t take the right preventive measures.

Stay compliant with HACCP and USDA

Don't receive a citation from the health inspector. To avoid this problem, you must make sure the fridge temperature and humidity levels don’t fluctuate. Cooler dehumidifier filters in Cleveland can help you comply with the set standards and rules of HACCP and USDA.  

Say no to Mold and Bacteria

By keeping the humidity level even, you can stop the food from getting spoiled. When the humidity level in the fridge gets too high the moisture makes the perfect nest for mold and bacteria.The mold spores and bacteria then get in the food and before you know it, the vegetables need to be thrown out. With cooler dehumidifier filters in Cleveland, you can salvage your business by maintaining an even level of humidity.

Have your cooler dehumidifier been giving you trouble? No need to invest on new equipment. Save your investment and opt for cooler dehumidifier filters in Cleveland. With filters readily available, you’d have peace of mind and reliable equipment. Choose Service Wet Grinding and let our fully trained service professionals provide you with the best cooler dehumidifier filters in Cleveland. Reap the benefits of opting for efficient services and reduce expensive equipment downtime!