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Commercial Knife Rental Northern Ohio

Commercial knife rental in Cleveland; Over 100 years of professional sharpening!

When your customers come all-at-once you need the right tools to satisfy their hunger.  You are in the food preparation business and that is what you expect your employees to do… prepare food.   Why have these people on your payroll and not give them the tools to get the job done right?  The easiest way to boost your staff’s productivity is to put a sharp knife in their hand.  The most cost-effective way to get that sharp knife in their hand is have a professional knife sharpening service.

No honing block or small machine will ever keep a knife sharp for long.  We use large machines to efficiently keep the knife edges thin and razor sharp.  Our commercial knife rental program significantly reduces labor costs in Northern Ohio.

Everyone uses a Knife Rental Service

We provide sharp knives for restaurants and supermarkets in Northern Ohio. Years of excellent service has enabled us to satisfy our customers’ expectations and needs. We have a diverse clientele and proudly serve pizza shops, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, universities, sport facilities, hotels, casinos, corporate kitchens, factory kitchens, VFW’s, catering facilities, golf clubs, yacht clubs, everywhere food is prepared commercially.

Best Cutlery Service

We provide two sets of new, razor sharp knives.  One set you use; the other set we sharpen in Cleveland, Ohio.  You select the quantity and style of knives you want.  These are dedicated sets that are not mixed with other knives at any time.

We keep them sharp by exchanging the matching sets on a regular basis:  Weekly, biweekly or monthly.  The delivery rep simply switches the knife sets without disrupting production.

No Contracts

We earn our reputation one knife at a time.  We don’t need to trap you in a contract.  You can make changes to your service any time.  We are simply the most efficient and cost- effective way to maintain sharp cutlery.  No service call fees, no initial purchase of the knives; you just pay a small rental fee for each delivery.  

That’s it!

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Knife Rental Cleveland
Curved Boning Knife Rental

Customer Service

A Delivery rep is in your area each week and knows how to take care of customers.

We provide much more than sharp knives.  
We repair slicing machines, can openers and food processor blades.  We provide loaner equipment while repairing yours.  Our service and repair charges are guaranteed to be the lowest in the state. Your delivery rep can provide you quotes and advice to keep your kitchen running smooth.

What makes professional knife sharpening better?

It’s simple, sharpness is a result of thinness.  If you are sharpening your own knives with a stone or small machine you are just honing the edge back to the thicker part of the blade.  The first few times you might bring an edge up, but each time you wear the edge thicker it will be less sharp.  

The only way to efficiently reestablish a razor-sharp edge is to have a large machine grind the blade bevel thinner.  We thin the edge on a large $20,000 machine every time we sharpen a knife.  Want to use the cutlery tools that can increase your productivity in the kitchen? Choose Service Wet Grinding for commercial knife sharpening. Get all the benefits of opting for the best commercial knife rental in Cleveland!