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Commercial Can Opener Repair Cleveland

100 years of professional services for your convenience!

Commercial can openers are just the thing you need to keep up with the rush of your business. With customers waiting in line, speed is the need of the hour and commercial can openers provide just that. With time however, the heavy-duty can opener can become worn and cruddy and in need of repair.

A commercial can opener is more than just a gear and blade; each part plays a role in gripping, turning and cutting the can open.  When the can opener is not performing, it usually means multiple parts are worn and it should be rebuilt.

The right remedy?

Instead of opting for a new can opener, you have the choice of getting quality service with a commercial can opener repair in Cleveland and Northern Ohio.  When you need the best, Service Wet Grinding is always available in your area.   We have been providing quality service for over 110 years.  Service Wet Grinding is recognized as a leading commercial food equipment service company today. With a team of experts and state-of-the-art technology, Service Wet Grinding can rebuild your can opener to its original specifications.

You can avail some great services and make sure your business doesn’t suffer from any down-time. At Service Wet Grinding, we have the expertise and the technology to rebuild can openers to perfection. We can provide you with a loaner can opener while we rebuild yours.  We also sell new commercial can openers for a great price.

Can Openers – Health & Safety

Is it full of a brown paste food residue? Is it full of metal shavings?

If these are present in the can opener, this is what is going in the food you serve.  If a customer gets a taste of a metal shaving, you will likely lose that customer for life. A cruddy can opener is not only a health violation but it can lead you to lose business as well. That’s why it’s important to have your commercial can opener serviced in Cleveland and Northern Ohio.  Keep your business operations crisis-free by maintaining your equipment. Most can openers are a standard Edlund #1. There is also the smaller Edlund #2 and the stainless S-11. With years of experience, Service Wet Grinding checks all the boxes for a professional commercial can opener service in Cleveland and Northern Ohio.You can get rid of your can opener liabilities by using our quality services for commercial can opener repair in Cleveland and Northern Ohio.  
The can opener is the item most often cited by the health inspector. With health and safety a priority, you need to keep your commercial can openers spick and span at all times. Take a look at yours, especially where the gear and blade meet. 

Free Pick up & Delivery

You can also schedule a regular service by opting for preventive maintenance. The time frame for a scheduled can opener rebuild can be customized according to the volume of usage. Once a frequency is established, you can count on Service Wet Grinding to keep your commercial can opener repaired.

Then you can focus on running your kitchen and not wondering if your can opener is costing you customers.   Get all the benefits of opting for the best commercial can opener service in Cleveland and Northern Ohio!