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About Service Wet Grinding

Service Wet Grinding Co. is a family owned business, established in 1905. For over 100 years, we have earned our reputation for razor sharp edges, one blade at a time.  Our full service commercial sharpening business delivers sharp knives and small equipment repairs right to your door.

The Secret

Sharpness is a result of thinness.  If you are sharpening edges yourself with a stone or small machine, you are just honing the edge. That edge will wear back into the thicker part of the blade and you will wonder why you can’t bring an edge up like you used to. It’s because your edge is now thicker.  The only way to efficiently reestablish a thin razor-sharp edge is to have a large machine grind the blade bevel thinner.  

We thin the blade edge every time we sharpen a knife - that is the secret to a professionally sharpened edge. Our $20,000 commercial knife sharpening machine far exceeds what anything less can do, including home equipment or smaller, portable sharpening machines. We don’t mickey mouse around. Our technicians are extremely experienced, too.

Knife Rental Northern Ohio Sharpened Knife in Their Hand

We provide a set of knives you select and keep your cutlery sharp by exchanging a matching set on a regular basis. No contract, no service call charges, no initial purchase of the knives - you just pay a small rental fee for each delivery, that’s it!

Restaurants and supermarkets are in the business of preparing food, and a sharp knife is the tool that enables employees to proficiently do their job. For a couple of bucks, you are not only maximizing employee output, you are also greatly increasing employee job satisfaction. By putting the right tool in their hand, you are letting them know you care about their performance. There is no better (or less expensive) way to improve employees’ moral than to put a professionally sharpened knife in their hands.

Most of our customers have the knives exchanged every week or every 2 weeks. Some low volume locations will get a service every 4 weeks.  The rental knives we provide are made for hard work – they are a very durable, high quality high carbon stainless steel. They are designed to be sanitary with no rivets on the handle or grooves anywhere on the blade. The handles are an ergonomic polypropylene plastic and will withstand frequent use and remain sanitary. This material is far superior to wood which has more than one piece and can collect bacteria at connection points.  The composition of the steel blade balances the cleanness of stainless with the edge holding properties of high carbon.  The knives we use are the best quality available for the knife rental industry.

Cutlery rental can range between two – 100 or beyond. You can have as few as two knives provided if your location is not remote.

Food Equipment Repair

We repair deli slicers, commercial can openers, and many types of food processing equipment.  For most small equipment repairs, we provide a comparable piece of equipment to use while we repair yours at our shop.

We do not repair on site, so the equipment must be portable. Repairing your equipment at our shop instead of on your counter cuts your cost in half!

Personal Knives Sharpening

By popular demand, we will custom sharpen personal knives for your home.  You can have the same professional edges that commercial kitchens have used for over 100 years. Currently, you need to bring your knives to our shop in downtown Cleveland for sharpening.

We can take care of your knife sharpening needs in about 30 minutes.